Frequently Asked Questions

When does your next session start?
Families can enroll at any time and begin the very next class day! The first month's tuition will automatically be pro-rated

We are going on vacation, so can we just credit those classes out of the payment?
Your monthly payment maintains your membership to this program and provides access to valuable digital Kindermusik materials. So while refunds or discounts aren't offered for missed classes, you can certainly enjoy your digital materials wherever you are.

Can I just come one class and see if my child likes it?
Absolutely! If you’re not sure yet, contact me at to schedule a free trial class. I’m sure you will see the value of what Kindermusik has to offer. 

So it’s month-to-month?
Yes, this program is based on a subscription model where payment is made every month for the life of enrollment. 

How do I withdraw?
You may click the "Withdraw" dropdown from the Kindermusik page of this website. 
When you complete this form, your method of payment will be removed from your account and you will no longer be charged.

Will my child be behind if he/she starts late?
Not at all! Our activities are designed in a way that’s easy for children to “catch-on.” If they’re not quite sure what’s going on at first, he/she certainly will after a few weeks!

What do you DO in the baby class?
The activities we participate in are designed to nurture bonding between caregiver and child as well as stimulate the babies' brains for proper development. Some examples are: songs and rhymes, exploring baby-safe instruments, relaxation activities, and vocal play.

How does the program work?
The Kindermusik continuum starts at infancy and moves through age 6. With each level, children participate in developmentally appropriate activities which develop their neural pathways in a way that prepares them for learning in school, music, and life in general. 

Do the kids learn real instruments?
For the most part the kids learn foundational concepts they need to be well-versed in before formally learning an instrument however in our Level 5 (ages 5-7) class, they do learn the basics of playing the glockenspiel, dulcimer, and recorder on which they apply the musical concepts they’re learning! 

Can't my 3 year old just start piano lessons now? 
Playing the piano (or any other instrument) well requires a certain level of physical and mental development which 3 years olds haven’t reached yet. I highly recommend starting your child with Kindermusik classes which are developmentally appropriate and designed to help your child achieve well-rounded musicianship. Kindermusik will give your child all the tools he/she needs to be a skilled and lifelong lover of piano and music and general.

Where does my family’s tuition go?
After considering the community we live in and the cost of doing business here, I’ve written a document with the hopes of being transparent about how your finances are used to serve your family the studio, and our community at large. Click here to check it out.